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7 Things to Look for When Buying a Pre-Selling Condo in BGC


What are the things to look for when buying a pre-selling condo in BGC?

  1. Developer reputation
  2. Completion timeline
  3. Unit layout and size
  4. Amenities and facilities
  5. Title and ownership
  6. Legal and regulatory compliance
  7. Surrounding developments


  • When purchasing a pre-selling condo in BGC, prioritize a developer with a stellar reputation for quality and reliability, ensuring a successful project delivery.
  • Scrutinize the completion timeline, understanding when the project will be finalized to plan your move-in and assess potential returns.
  • Evaluate unit layout, amenities, title and ownership details, legal compliance, and surrounding developments.

Investing in a pre-selling condominium in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) can be a strategic move, offering a blend of modern living and potential investment returns. As the name suggests, a pre-selling condo is a property offered for sale before its construction is complete. Potential buyers can purchase units during the planning or construction phase, often at a lower price than the market value upon completion.

Aurelia Residences is a prime example, showcasing the exceptional quality and lifestyle that defines this exclusive real estate market. This new development in BGC offers a limited collection of 285 bespoke residences, poised to become one of the most coveted addresses in the Philippines. In this article, we will explore the different things to look for when buying a pre-selling condo and what to consider when making this significant decision.

Developer Reputation

When it comes to pre-selling condos, the reputation of the developer speaks volumes. It is a direct reflection of their commitment to quality and reliability. A trusted developer is more likely to deliver on promises, ensuring that your investment is in safe hands. It minimizes the risk of project delays, subpar construction, or unexpected issues that could arise during the development process.

Research is key when assessing a developer’s reputation. Look into their past projects and any industry awards or recognitions. Attend open houses or showroom events organized by the developer to get a firsthand look at their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Completion Timeline

Understanding the completion timeline of a pre-selling condo is crucial for managing your expectations and planning your move-in. The completion timeline refers to the estimated period from the start of construction to the turnover of the unit to the buyer. A transparent and realistic completion timeline allows you to make informed decisions and set realistic expectations regarding when you can occupy or lease out the property.

Review the developer’s track record in completing previous projects. Inquire about potential factors that could cause delays, such as regulatory approvals or construction challenges. Scrutinize the contract for clear information on the estimated completion timeline.

Unit Layout and Size

Unit Layout and Size

Understanding the layout and size of your development is essential for maximizing functionality and comfort. It can directly impact your daily life and long-term satisfaction with your investment. A thoughtful design contributes to a seamless flow between rooms, optimizing space and creating a harmonious living environment.

Review the floor plans provided by the developer, paying attention to the placement of rooms, storage spaces, and overall flow. Visiting model units or showrooms can provide a tangible sense of the space and help you visualize how it can suit your lifestyle.

Amenities and Facilities

The amenities and facilities offered by a pre-selling condo can significantly enhance your quality of life. From state-of-the-art gyms and inviting lounges to landscaped gardens and recreational spaces, a well-appointed array of amenities ensures a well-rounded living experience that goes beyond the confines of your unit.

It is best to compile a list of amenities offered by the developer and evaluate their relevance to your lifestyle. Consider the quality and uniqueness of the amenities, as well as the attention given to communal spaces.

Title and Ownership

Understanding the title and ownership details is a fundamental aspect of purchasing a pre-selling condo. Verify that the developer has a clear and marketable title to the property and inquire about ownership structures. A transparent title and ownership process ensures that your investment is legally sound, offering peace of mind and protection against potential disputes.

Request detailed information on the title and ownership process from the developer. Seek legal advice to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the documents and contracts involved. A thorough due diligence process can help you make an informed decision and safeguard your investment.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance provides a foundation of trust and reliability. It indicates that the developer is committed to ethical practices and operates with integrity. Compliance with building codes and regulations also ensures the safety and structural soundness of the condominium, creating a secure living environment for its residents.

Start by conducting thorough research on the legal requirements for condominium developments in the area. Request documentation from the developer showcasing compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Surrounding Developments

The surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping the desirability and long-term value of your pre-selling condo. Proximity to commercial centers, green spaces, and other amenities can enhance your quality of life. Additionally, being aware of future developments in the area helps you anticipate potential changes in the neighborhood.

Nestled in the heart of BGC, Aurelia Residences benefits from its proximity to the extraordinary cosmopolitan skyline views and the lush greens of Manila Golf Club, Manila Polo Club, and Forbes Park. This strategic location ensures that residents enjoy the convenience of nearby prestigious establishments and developments.

Key Takeaway

In navigating the complex condo market in BGC, these considerations become your compass in the search for a successful investment. Remember to research each of these things to look for when buying a pre-selling condo to ensure you make an informed decision when selecting your future home.

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