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6 Things to Do Before Condo Turnover


What are the things to do before condo turnover?

  1. Review your contract thoroughly
  2. Prepare a checklist
  3. Document the unit’s condition
  4. Confirm the floor area measurement
  5. Inspect standard furnishings
  6. Check electrical outlets and cables


  • As individuals invest in high-end condominiums in the Philippines, this guide emphasizes the importance of meticulous preparation before condo turnover.
  • Before the turnover, it’s imperative to dedicate time to meticulously reviewing contractual agreements with the chosen luxury unit in BGC, ensuring a solid understanding of terms, conditions, and any special provisions outlined.
  • Conducting detailed visual documentation of the unit’s condition and verifying floor area measurements ensure precise planning for interior arrangements while inspecting standard furnishings and electrical outlets guarantees a seamless fusion of elegance and functionality.

Investing in high-end condominiums in the Philippines has emerged as a strategic choice for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and potential appreciation. The bustling metropolitan areas like Bonifacio Global City (BGC), showcase a skyline adorned with these skyscrapers, offering a distinct solution to the evolving needs of city dwellers.

The inherent benefits, from shared amenities to strategic locations, make condo living attractive for those who value the comfort of a refined home and the potential for a sound financial investment. As the anticipation builds towards the handover of your residence, let us explore the different things to do before condo turnover, setting the stage for an unparalleled chapter in sophisticated living.

Review Your Contract Thoroughly

Before the turnover, invest the necessary time in a meticulous review of the contractual agreements with your chosen luxury unit in BGC, such as Aurelia Residences. This critical step involves a detailed examination of the terms, conditions, and any special provisions outlined in your agreement.

Developing a comprehensive understanding of your contract ensures a seamless alignment with the exclusive offerings and privileges promised by your residence. This process not only establishes a solid foundation for a harmonious relationship but also delineates expectations clearly, mitigating the potential for misunderstandings. Should uncertainties arise, the concierge service of your selected home is readily available.

Prepare a Checklist

Craft a detailed checklist encompassing all aspects of your upcoming move to your chosen premium residence. From furniture arrangements to essential documents, this list serves as a comprehensive guide for a flawless transition.

Here are some things that you must do:

  1. Inspect the unit.
  2. Test utilities and appliances.
  3. Understand the condo rules and regulations.
  4. Arrange move-in services.

A well-prepared list becomes a roadmap for a smooth relocation, ensuring that no component is overlooked. It reflects an attention to detail befitting the elegant lifestyle synonymous with high-end condominium living. As you compile the checklist, just tell yourself that you’re almost at the finish line of moving into your new luxury space.

Document the Unit’s Condition

Document the Unit's Condition

Conduct detailed visual documentation of your condominium’s current condition, capturing any existing imperfections or areas that may require attention, such as blemishes on the walls, flooring irregularities, or any signs of wear and tear.

This thorough examination ensures a comprehensive understanding of the unit’s state and allows for timely attention to any necessary maintenance or enhancements. For added convenience, contemplate creating a digital album. This will seamlessly organize your visual records for easy reference.

Confirm the Floor Area Measurement

Verify the accuracy of the floor area measurement specified in your contract. Precise floor area dimensions are essential for optimizing spaces and planning interior arrangements. It reflects a commitment to precision and excellence, elements synonymous with the elevated lifestyle expected in premier homes.

To undertake this task with finesse, utilize architectural plans and cross-reference them with on-site measurements. In the event of any discrepancies, promptly communicate with the dedicated support team of your chosen unit for swift clarification.

Inspect Standard Furnishings

Thoroughly inspect and familiarize yourself with the standard furnishings provided in your chosen luxury condo. This crucial step ensures that each element is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, aligning smoothly with your refined taste and guaranteeing a harmonious integration of elegance and functionality.

Take a stroll through your soon-to-be home, appreciating the craftsmanship of each piece. If any inquiries arise, engage with the design team of your selected residence for insights into the inspiration behind the carefully curated furnishings.

Check Electrical Outlets and Cables

Check Electrical Outlets and Cables

Prioritize the functionality of electrical outlets and cables within your unit, ensuring that all connections are in pristine condition to facilitate the effortless incorporation of your preferred electronic devices. The unwavering reliability of electrical outlets and cables aligns with their commitment to providing a technologically advanced and effortlessly refined lifestyle.

Conduct a systematic check of all electrical outlets, methodically testing each one for functionality. Confirm that cables are neatly organized and free from wear. For any technical inquiries, the dedicated support team of your selected residence stands ready to provide expert assistance, ensuring a seamless fusion of technology and refinement.

Key Takeaway

By undertaking these detailed steps on the things to do before condo turnover, residents can not only ensure a seamless transition but also set the stage for a sophisticated living experience. The focus is on aligning expectations, optimizing spaces, and embracing the elevated lifestyle promised by premier residences.

Seize the opportunity to uncover the epitome of cultivated living and secure your place in this exclusive pre-selling community at Aurelia Residences. Contact us today to reserve your spot and step into a world where luxury meets unparalleled comfort.