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From the first architectural sketches, to the careful exploration of fabrics and finishes, through to the final delivery of our overarching vision, a consistent thread flows through everything: the passionate search for elegance.

It is the thrill of the search that unites the extraordinary team of designers and artisans behind Aurelia Residences. Elegance is a mood, an attitude, a way of life. And while the idea of elegance – and elegant living – is universal, like art itself it is both ephemeral and timeless. With regard to elegance, however, one thing is certain – just like a work of art: you will know it when you see it.


The name Aurelia evokes a place of beauty, desirability, and classic Italian elegance. At its heart, the name draws inspiration from “Aureus”, the beautiful LAtin root word for gold; and “Aura” – a distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, thing, or place. Aurelia suggests something that is intrinsically beautiful – a mood, an atmosphere, an aura, if you will, of elegance.



Symmetry and lightness. The Aurelia Symbol inspires a sense of ease and balance. Architecturally-speaking, the three-petal form brings in natural light and flowing ventilation, which in turn maximizes and widens viewing angles, providing each exclusive residence with unique and stunning panoramic views of both the cityscape and the surrounding greenery.