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Bridging Cultures and Crafting Elegance in Architecture


This article was initially featured in the Inquirer Mobile App on February 28, 2024 authored by Ar. John Ian Lee Fulgar.

In an enlightening interview, Francesca Muzio, founder of the Italy-based FM Architettura, shared the intricate world of architectural design, emphasizing the harmonious blend of luxury, cultural heritage, and the art of creating spaces that resonate with comfort and elegance.

Muzio’s insights shed light on the firm’s long standing partnership with Shang Properties, particularly on Aurelia Residences, a pinnacle of luxury living that promises to redefine the architectural landscape.

The Challenge and Excitement of Aurelia

The decision to embark on Aurelia reflects a confluence of innovation, prestige, and the challenge of redefining luxury living. The foundation of the partnership between designer and developer is born out of mutual admiration for local craftsmanship and the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines.

Muzio articulated the allure of contributing to such a landmark project within Shang Properties’ portfolio, emphasizing the collaboration with renowned partners and the commitment to excellence.

The challenge, simultaneously with the excitement, stems from crafting spaces that epitomize grandeur while retaining a sense of comfort and warmth. This endeavor allows FM Architettura to push the boundaries of interior innovation, merging design and functionality to cater to the sophisticated demands of modern residents.

“Our team at FM Architettura has been deeply passionate about exploring the rich cultural heritage of the region,” Muzio shared, highlighting the emotional and professional investment in this assignment.

A Vision of Opulence and Home

Aurelia Residences symbolizes this partnership’s aspirations, blending luxury with a comforting sense of home.

Muzio elaborated on the project’s vision to create a landmark that epitomizes beauty, balance and an inviting atmosphere. The idea for Aurelia Residences was to create a landmark building that stands out for its architectural beauty and the lifestyle it offers its residents. Muzio’s approach was to instill an atmosphere of extravagance, refinement, and, importantly, a ‘homey’ feeling that encourages residents to enjoy their living spaces fully.

The process is a meticulous focus on Italian craftsmanship, coupled with a deep appreciation for the cultural and architectural heritage of the Philippines.

Adapting to Change with Elegance

The starting point revolved around the idea of a veranda, motivated by the fact that many luxury spaces in Manila lacked open areas.

Muzio then touched upon the pre-pandemic conceptualization of Aurelia, noting how the design already anticipated the need for open, hybrid spaces that blend the indoors with the outdoors. This foresight allowed the project to seamlessly adapt to post-pandemic expectations, offering future residents an opulent lifestyle characterized by a unique blend of luxury and well-being.

“For Aurelia residences, we foresee a living experience characterized by a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living,” Muzio said, promising unparalleled living experience.

The Legacy of Cultural Integration

The new landmark in Bonifacio Global City reveals how FM Architettura’s approach goes beyond aesthetics, embedding cultural narratives and local craftsmanship into the fabric of their designs.

This strategy not only honors the heritage of the Philippines but also fosters a deeper connection between the space and its inhabitants.

Muzio’s dedication to creating both luxurious and comforting spaces challenges the conventional boundaries of architecture, proposing a new paradigm where cultural heritage and modern luxury coexist.